The purifying intelligence of water

Dr. med. Antonio Morandi

Water is the most abundant substance on Earth, the third most abundant molecule in the universe and it is the basic element of life. The knowledge about the importance of water was already present and extensively expressed in the ancient systems of knowledge of India and of course in Ayurveda. In the RigVeda it is said that before the Creation of the Universe, there was nothing but the bottomless, uninterrupted, limitless water. The original world is described as water without light (Rig Veda X.29.3), meaning that waters are coeval with the Universe (X.30.10). It is moreover specified that the water contained in an egg from which every thing else emanated (Rig Veda.X.82.5). In modern science it is the most studied chemical compound and it is clear that structure and of water is intimately linked with the structure of all matter. The features and properties of water are so diverse, peculiar and sometime apparently contradictory that modern science is puzzled. Water is also necessary for life as we know and it is the most important element that constitute a living being. It is an universal solvent in which all the many solutes of a living body are dissolved and chemical reactions happen. Also in Ashtanga Hridaya it is stated that water is essential to life and that without which neither healthy or sick persons can survive. The optimal state of water in human body is thus essential for maintaining proper health.

In Ayurveda water is considered “Prana” because gives life, it is universal “Pathya” because it is acceptable to all living beings and it bears all six tastes; it offers many interesting perspectives on water and its uses for maintaining health and also for therapeutic purposes. Ayurveda considers water as crucial in the prevention of diseases and advices also the use of plain water as beneficial in many health problems. The knowledge and description of water in Ayurveda is very sophisticated. Different types of water according to its origin and its elaboration are described by several classical authors. The practice of boiling water is one of the most relevant advised in order to modify the properties of water to be used as therapy as reported for example in Samrgadhara Samhita. Interestingly, applying a collaborative science perspective and comparing the ayurvedic and the modern science observations, it is possible to find modern chemical as well as physical explanations to the ayurvedic use of water. Moreover, this conceptual effort offers interesting hints for modern science in order to understand the peculiar and sometime bizzarre behavior of water which are still unexplained.

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