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    20th International Ayurveda Symposium

    September 14 – 16, 2018 in Birstein, Germany


Looking back on 19 years of Ayurveda Symposium


This year's key topics have been:
Therapy approaches of diseases of the cardiovascular system
Prana & Ojas – substantial and vital life and immune power
Yoga as complementary therapy in Ayurvedic medicine
Sateliite: Ayurveda for animals


The key topics addressed at the 18th International Ayurveda Symposium were Ayurveda medicine between spirituality and science & Agni & Ama - Methods of treatment of gastroenterologic diseases and intolerances, Health care in companies - Ayurvedic concepts for sustainable prevention and health management.


The key topics addressed at the 17th International Ayurveda Symposium were lifestyle therapy & chronobiology, etiological factor stress, respiratory diseases and traditional manual therapy.


The Symposium’s special focus was on the issues of pain management, mental health, and Ayurveda for men.


The key topics addressed were constitution and proneness to diseases, disorders of the head, and Ayurveda research.


The focus of this year's symposium was on oncology, ways towards a healthy metabolism, and lifestyle management according to Ayurveda.


This year’s key topics were diagnostic methods, pancakarma, and manual therapy for chronic diseases.


Key topics in 2010 were Ayurveda & psychotherapy as well as phytotherapy with traditional and European medicinal plants.


Key topics in 2009: Ayurveda dietetics in prevention and therapy, specialty areas of Ayurveda medicine: Dermatology, gynecology, and Ayurveda research – modern research in dialogue with traditional healing


Key topics were hypertension and heart diseases, psychosomatic medicine in dialogue with spiritual therapy, and health & wellbeing in the advanced age

1999 - 2007

Since 1999, the International Ayurveda Symposium has built up a top-class reputation as expert conference for Ayurveda physicians and therapists throughout Europe.

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