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A case report of patient of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) managed with Ayurvedic therapy

Dr. Pankaj Chhayanee (IND)

A 12 year old girl was brought on 13th July, 2019 to PD Patel Ayurveda hospital with complaints of inability to stand from sitting position and inability to walk since 28 days. Patient was treated civil hospital, Ahmedabad for eight days and then got physiotherapy at home for 20 days. She got mild relief in pain with no improvement in motor symptoms. For further treatment she was brought to us. She was hospitalized for the treatment.
A12 year old female, wheel-chair bound,child was brought to PD Patel Ayurveda, Hospital with complaints of unable to stand from sitting position and unable to walk since last 28 days. The associated complaints were impaired appetite, weakness and severe body ache. One month back on one morning when she got up from sleep, her mother noticed inability to move all her limbs. Her parents took her to hospital where she was diagnosed to have Gullain-Barre syndrome (GBS). She was treated with immunoglobins with that she felt mild relief in pain. She had taken physiotherapy for twenty days but she didn’t get any improvement in motor symptoms. She was brought to PD Patel Ayurveda hospital for further treatment.At the time of admission, she was not able to stand and walk. Flaccid weakness and areflexia in all four limbs were found while examination. No abnormalities were found in examination of sensory system and bulbar related muscles.
After clinical evaluation of the patient, it was concluded that there was vata prakopa due to depletion of snayu. The treatment plan was considered as per snayugata vata and patient was put on sarvanga abhyanga with balatailam and sarvanga baspasvedana with nirgundi leaves along with vardhamana pippali(started with 500 mg twice a day and increased 500mg/day up to 4.5 gm), kaishora guggulu- 2 tablets twice a day and godanti-200mg twice a day orally. Pippali was given as appetite was low. Godanti bhasma was given because it is balya and dipana. Clinical condition of the patient was examined daily recorded.

The patient started showing improvement from the 10thday of starting of treatment and after one month patient was able to walk. At present, she requires minimal help in activities. Still patient is going under treatment and getting significant improvement day by day.
Key words:- GBS, Snehana, Svedana, Vardhamanapippali.

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