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Ayurvedic complementary therapy for Hashimoto thyroiditis

Dr. med. Ananda Chopra (D)


In central Europe Hashimoto-Thyroiditis is at present diagnosed in growing numbers. According to some estimates about 5% of the population is affected by this disease-condition. However, the clinical presentation of Hashimoto thyroiditis can vary enormously between no symptoms at all and clear symptoms of hyper- or hypothyroidism. For an āyurvedic assessment of Hashimoto Thyroiditis a thorough examination of the functions of Agni proves useful. In most cases one finds a weak Agni in patients with this condition. In addition other āyurvedic diagnostic criteria like the constitution, age of the patient etc. must, of course, be taken into account. On this basis recommendations for an āyurvedic therapy can be formulated. Following āyurvedic procedure, the therapy starts with individualized recommendations for nutrition and life-style. Judicious use of (herbal) medicines and a course of Pañcakarma if necessary, often proves beneficial in this disease.

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