Strophantus – a heart remedy for diseases of the cardiovascular system

Yatin Shah MD

The relevant literature and publications from a database search as well as six years of clinical observation of patients treated with Strophanthus show marked differences depending on the selected drug formulation.
In homeopathic potencies Strophanthus is giving relief to mental and emotional symptoms according to the symptoms of the drug proving, e.g. palpitations due to anxiety or exam nerves and a focus on the cardiac conduction system.
The mother tincture of Strophanthus has been used for decades to treat heart diseases especially for patients with acute and chronic heart failure. The effects of Strophanthus have been described in textbooks as 'oats for the starving heart'. Preliminary clinical trials, some of them conducted as randomized controlled trials, have shown positive outcomes.

In the last years pharmaceutical research revealed new insights into a possible mode of action of Ouabain in nanomolar doses. Ouabain enables its positive metabolic effects on the cardiomyocytes via signal cascades and modulates the autonomic nervous system.

Innovative approaches how further clinical research may enable a renaissance of the forgotten heart remedy Strophanthus should be considered.

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